Why We Quarantine ...

     Feedlot/killpen horses typically come off the lots with an assortment of respiratory illness'. From non-contagious shipping fevers to contagious virus & bacterial infections including several strains of strep & even strangles, we see simple allergic reactions from changes in hay to pneumonia. Stress related issues like stomach ulcers seem to be common. Additionally, they also come with various issues with their feet, from simple neglect and lack of trimming to thrush, white-line, and occasionally founder. The hardest part is that these horses have been thru so many changes from the simple expedient of being torn away from their homes, their families and their herds, run thru multiple auctions, passed from hand to hand, only to be turned into small dry lots with large numbers of strange herd mates which changes constantly and creates a daily shift in herd hierarchy. The antipathy of everything that a herd minded & socially domesticated companion animal like the horse stands for. More than once I have found myself paralleling the process to survivors of concentrations camps, that these wonderful animals typically come thru the experience still looking to bond with human partners, craving the gentle touch of a hand, the softly spoken reassurance, and a willingness to partner with us, is a testimony to how forgiving and strong of heart they truly are.

     For these reasons, we strongly recommend a minimum of 30 days quarantine. By preference, we believe its in the best interest of recovery if you can qt them at home from day one, building new bonds and allowing them to heal mentally & emotionally, as well as physically. QT protocol is necessary to maintain the biosecurity for the various illness', but its also a time of let down to rebuild the security and trust they so richly deserve. 

     But we also understand that it isn't always possible for new adopters to provide that at home, so we have lists of people, facilities & business' who can provide these services. We dont endorse any of the service providers listed. We suggest that you call and get several quotes, and make sure to interview the people you chose to hire. There are many options, such as fill rates, clean hauls vs dirty loads, etc. so please check with your provider and make certain of their requirements, also.  Choosing those responsible for the care of your new horse can be a difficult process, never hesitate to ask questions, and make certain that you are comfortable with the answers. Stay in touch with your new hauler/QT provider while your horse is in their care. Visiting is not always possible, but its acceptable to ask for updates & even photos. Please forgive the list, its a work in progress, we are attempting to set it up alphabetically and by state/killpen for convenience. Thank you for your patience.


Quarantine & Transport Providers

  • For any service provider interested in being added to the lists, please contact us with your information & we will add you in once we verify your info. We are hoping for a comprehensive national database that will also serve in times of emergency. 
  • Below you will find a list of transporters that can provide transport for your horse(s).  
  • PLEASE be sure to ask your transporter what they will require at  pickup. If a health certificate is needed (most traveling out of state  will require one) be sure that you have worked out the arrangements for  one. Also, not every transporter will haul horses that have not already  been quarantined so be sure to make it clear when booking transport  whether your horse has been through QT already or is coming straight off the lot.
  • Finally, don’t forget that there are multiple transport groups on  Facebook where haulers are looking to fill loads. Horse Rescue Transport  Network, Hitch A Ride, and Hitch Your Horse A Ride are groups on  Facebook where you can post your transport needs. When posting on such a  group, it is important to be clear whether or not the horse has already  been through QT or is coming straight from the lot. Horses from  auctions or feedlots are considered a “dirty load” in the transport  business and transporters in general will not mix “dirty load” horses  into a trip with privately owned “clean load” horses. This is good  practice and information that you should always provide.                                                                                     
  • We are not endorsing or recommending ANY particular transport  provider! This is merely a list of transporters that people have used in  the past and have suggested. It is your responsibility to contact  transporters and evaluate whether or not they can meet your needs.


NC/SC Transporters:

*Meredith Lee Kneavel (919)500-8029. Transport NC, SC, GA, TN, VA, WVA. *Samantha at 704-305-7042. Mr & Mrs Horse Transport - Oakboro, NC - Transport throughout the East. N

*Bessie Bell Farm – (910)987-6231.QT/Transport. They will haul in NC and all over the east! 

*Steve Thomson - Hauler from Oklahoma and willing to haul! Call or text! 580-369-8365  

*LG Transporting, LLC. QT/Transport  Owner Christy Gaylor 336 239 3718 Email Livengoodsta@lexcominc.net, Lexington, NC. Capable of taking drafts, stallions, donkeys and minis.              


*Bacon Farms Hillsborough, NC. (810)623-1007. QT/Transport. Nationwide.                                   

*Fox's Horsemanship (208)421-8018 Pittsburg, Tx. QT/Transport.Transportation available for all over US                                                                                                                                              

*Absolute Expediting Inc. Michael and Annette Williams Nationwide Transport Available (417)827-4044 Find us on FB also                                                                                                   

*Sarah Stoner Grand Adventure Farm (336)-804-0995 Sestoner24@gmail.com  

*Pendry performance horses Glade hill VA. Hauls most anywhere on the east coast with QT and just hauls only VA,WV,TN,KY,PA,MD,OH, northern Alabama. Phone numbers 540-613-4374 that's mine and 540-797-0907 that for Kelly who lives on site.                             

*Lone Oak Livestock Transport Co. - Shelley Allen (920)-600-7924                                           

*Jw livestock transportation. Local here in NC, phone number is (910)-548-1660                 

*Serenity Saviors - based out of FL and doing regular East Coast runs - on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/SerenitySaviors  

*Lanya Clinard - 719-337-5911                                                                                                               

*Micky Hightower 405-567-7945                                                                                                       

*Eric Brickell - 336-374-8337 - Trips to Arizona, Utah, Missouri, Tennessee                              

*Wanda Floyd - regular trips NC to PA, NC to SC and AL, NC to TN and KY 434-841-8923 

*Mike Henn (570) 665-0769 East Coast (Florida to Maine), some mid-west runs                  

*Triple D Trucking - Casey Dick - Nationwide hauling 918-694-6204                                       

*DDP Transport - Oregon based - Coast to Coast trips monthly - ddpranch.com                                 

*Dawn Pelletier (774) 488-2815 East Coast                                                                                   

*Hooves and Miles: (732) 620-3186 (Also a Quarantine Provider)                                            

*Donald Snyder. 870-997-1250 Open Road Transport    (Arkansas)                                                               

*Diana Martino 724 290 5345  (PA)                                                                                                                                                         

*Daniel Labarge (518) 570-8997 upstate NY  to NC                                                                       

*Doug Lake Rescue Transport - Message on his Facebook Business Page for a quote.               

*Friends Horse Transport Company - On Facebook or call (717) 253-0502 - Also a QT Provider! Located in Pennsylvania!                                                                                                     

*Dan Crider - Guardian Oak Farm & Equine Program - 660-833-5883 - cross country!  

*Dawn Oliva - Saltwater Cowgirl based out of Florida - 407-421-7334                                        

*Paula Madox Pryor - Quarantine & Transport 240-626-5971 - Located in Maryland              

*Jaime Mustapha - East Coast Transport OH & KY as well 978-815-0489 - Located in Mass                                                                    

*Rescue Rangers: Facebook Group for Rescue/Feedlot Save Transport -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/rescuerangers/?__mref=message_bubble  

*Robert Orr –https://www.theorrganicfarm.com/, Email: TheORRganicFarm@gmail.com, Phone: (508) 441-2098, Carver, MA, https://www.facebook.com/TheORRganicFarm/  

*Bessie Bell Farm - Asheboro, NC - Transport & Quarantine. Hauling coast to coast. https://www.facebook.com/BessieBellFarmTransport/ Contact Delores at 910-987-6231 http://bessiebellfarm.com/  

*LG Transporting - Lexington, NC - Transport & Quarantine, Contact Christy at 336-239-3718 

 *4 R Transport & Arena  Jeff Rivenbark  910 298-1652                                                      

*Nathan Ross -  260-442-4426 (Wabash, IN)   

*Emily Lyn Dennis, 704-51-2207  (South of Charlotte, NC)

*Melody Daniels  318-562-0505 (Louisiana) 

PA Transporters:  
*Bobby Cross. He can haul a couple or a large haul. Goes everywhere.

*Penny Parker (QT in Pa & Md & east cost Shipping ) ...............................(267) 745- 7437   

*Nancy Diaz ( Qt & local shipping) Pa.............( 717)  413- 6940.  

*Missy Brehm (Shipping & Qt...shipping all East Coast)... (717) 253- 0502  

*Sara Cadden( Qt & Shipping) Mass...............( 571) 317- 9896  

*Almost Home QT facility ( QT & Shipping) NC....(336) 239- 3718  

*Bessie Bell Farm ( QT & Shipping) NC............(910) 987- 6231 or (910) 986- 9674   

*Noll Transportation ( Qt & Shipping) NY..........(717) 917- 1911  

*Tom Spain (Shipping) NJ...NJ, PA, & New England states. (609) 227- 7863.  

*24 Carrot Equine Transportation ( Qt &Shipping) NJ..................................................(908) 552- 1563  

*Allison Adams ( Qt & Shipping) WV...............(304) 702- 5993  

*Joe Cotterino ( Qt & Shipping) PA.................( 570) 540- 9455  

*Clay Hails ( QT) PA.......................................(610) 587- 8088  

*Aniela Skwarek - On Target Stables (Qt & Shipping) NJ.................................  (609) 351- 5830   

*Jimmy Parlier ( Shipping) California....Shipping across the US, from  East to West. Clean load only. After  Quarantining..............................( 704) 240- 2918  

*Devin Hoke ( Shipping) PA ...........................( 304) 702- 5993  Buck's Pride Rescue inc.  VA (Shipping) Eastern States..........................................................  (540) 290- 0489 

*Parlier Trucking Inc: Denver, NC: www.parliertruckinginc.com.  Thank you, Jimmy Parlier Parliertrucking@gmail.com 704-477-6061 cell Area Served: All Of USA Area Served: All Of USA

*Wright Horse Services: Troy, NC Area Served: East Coast and as far West as Oklahoma and Louisiana, Phone:       910-572-6825, Email: ncfarrier.wright@yahoo.com

*Double B Livestock Sales & Equine/Livestock Transport 3200 Green Path Road  Dunn, NC 28334(910) 379-1487(910) 304-9329 doubleblivestock.abby@gmail.com


*ALH Transporting, Elizabeth City, NC 27909 (757) 635-4295 budpritch@gmail.com

*Bill Willis Horse Transport Mt Olive, NC 28365(252) 349-6054 bw_ent@yahoo.com Licensed USDOT Contract Carrier. Transporting horses on the east coast. 

*Willow Creek Horse Farm Asheville, NC 28803(828) 712-5281 contact@willowcreekhorsefarmnc.com

Tennessee  Transporters:

*Wayne Dutton - (770)480-0007 - All over   

✳️Wayne Johnson- 865-621-8312 or 865-333-6015 -All over  

✳️Shannon Hounshell 423-368-8672 - All over  

✳️Rooster Arrington 423-300-5523  

✳️Dave Greene - (423)300-8559 -All over   

✳️Elaine Byrge- (423)539-4256 - All over   

✳️ Richard & Colleen Selby - (505)401-6228 or (505)250-3276- Midwest-west   

✳️ Grayson Daniels- 318-572-887  

✳️Joe Cotterino- 570-540-9455  

✳️JR Austin- (540)223-6062 back haul every 



*Amy Whitaker 281-601-5233  

*Carrie Hattaway  281-217-7889  

*Ariel Sandoval  713-494-0722  

*Mickey Hightower 405-567-7945  

*Steve Kroll 580-761-0603  

*Toni Kroll 580-761-0597  

*Dawn Oliva 407-421-7334  

*Grayson & Melody  Daniels 318-562-0505  

*Jessica Saucier.  318-663-0917   

*Stephanie Nichole  Country Roads transport &Rescue   405-916-9205  

*Cody Barham  940-783-1217 

*The Horsemen's Express Transportation LLC  Vondra Performance Horses 936-546-4140. Nationwide Transport  

*Witt's Horse Transporting  573-286-4929   

*KMC Equine Transport 760-694-7418  

*Stars And Stripes Transport LLC 270-217-5513  

*Four-Winds Equine Transport.   832.535.0371  Nationwide transport  

*Horseworks Transport and Quarantine  443-966-4274   

*RG Grubb Horse Transport  740-207-7100  

*Absolute Expediting, Inc. (417) 827-4044  

*Michael or Annette  Govero Horse Transportation (573) 218-8554 

*Adam  Wyoming Equine Rescue LLC,  transport and quarantine 307-287-0792  

*B-C Livestock Transport 940-577-7180   

*Shawn Minor 937-336-4295 


*Amy Whitaker - Houston, TX area  281-601-5233  

*Angela Bozeman - Wellston, OK area 713-302-3847  

*Karen Teague - Bristow, OK area 918-521-4651  

*Sue Shain- Bristow, OK area  425-359-1979  

*Angela Parham - Gilmer, TX area  903-331-4011  

*Steve/Toni Kroll - Garber, OK area 580-761-0603/580-761-0597  

*Touch of Heaven, Kylee Habeck - Stroud, OK area  605-290-1987  

*Countryside Equine Boarding *Stephanie Nichole* 580-370-5412  479-216-0036 


*HANNAH BROCK  STILLWATER, OK  +1 (316) 737-7705 ~ CALL / TEXT ~  
*KAREN TEAGUE (works w/Sue) - BRISTOW, OK - FB PAGE : SKP - (safe keep place) 918-521-4651 ~ CALL / TEXT ~
*SUE SHAIN - (works w/Karen) - BRISTOW, OK  - FB PAGE : SKP (safe keep place) 425-359-1979

TN Transport & QT


🚛Transporters - Here is a list of transporters.        
✳️Wayne Dutton - (770)480-0007 - All over                    
✳️Wayne Johnson- 865-621-8312 or 865-333-6015 -All over
✳️Shannon Hounshell 423-368-8672 - All over
✳️Rooster Arrington 423-300-5523
✳️Dave Greene - (423)300-8559 -All over                                                        
✳️Elaine Byrge- (423)539-4256 - All over   
✳️ Richard & Colleen Selby - (505)401-6228 or (505)250-3276- Midwest-west                                                
✳️ Grayson Daniels- 318-572-887
✳️Joe Cotterino- 570-540-9455
✳️JR Austin- (540)223-6062 back haul every other week-Louisa, Virginia                                                                                    ✳️Brian Moore- (717)222-9171 once a month Lebanon,Pennsylvania                                                                        ✳️ Dawn Oliva - (407)421-7334 southeast to Florida & northeast/Midwest w/3 or more
✳️ Snowy River Transport-  304-702-5993
✳️  Justin Lafollette- (270) 217-5513- central and eastern U.S. 

Thank you B-C  for quickly pulling our horses out of TX killpens &  safely hauling them so far!

Thank you B-C  for quickly pulling our horses out of TX killpens &  safely hauling them so far!