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Our motto is ~ Horses.Empower.Recovery.Defenders.Support.  …  Please fill out our Inquiry Form, as it will directly link your info to the horse(s) in our database that you are interested in, and allow us the fastest response. Please let us know if you are willing to volunteer for the rescue or sponsor one of our Hearts programs. Thank you for your interest in joining us as Defenders of these beautiful creatures. 

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Quarantine & Transportation

Freedom Ride Wilbur's Lightning, Unbridled Resource, Hector & Tate

The first steps to getting your new horse home. Transport  & Quarantine information & Database.

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Iron Will Initial Intake Eval BobbieSox

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Taavi's first trim with Rex

No Hoof ... No Horse

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These are some of our local providers, Riding Centers, Boarding Centers, etc. as well as Links to providers we work with.


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