Guardians’ Hearts are horses who are available for adoption. While they still may be in various stages of recovery, they are trainable, rideable, sound, and sane. These horses come in all shapes, colors, and disciplines, and make amazing partners to share your life with. 

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1998 APHA Mare, English Equitation/Dressage, 16hh, Beg/Lesson, $2350

     Carmel ... found in a killpen in February 2019 ... said to be 18 years old, a Paint World Champion in Dressage ... her registered name was something with Karma in it ... a lesson horse from a reputable riding stable ... this is her background ... She definitely knows dressage, we aren't certain how much, but more than the basics, our vet aged her high as a caution at 21 years, and she is certainly the type of calm, steady, knowledgeable mare I would call a lesson master, tho she falls just a hair short of my definition of schoolmaster. 

     We know she can do amazing things, but first and foremost, we want her to have a good home with a special person who will love her for who she is. She is one of the sweetest mares I have worked with in years, patient, stoic, and forgiving. We believe she has earned the right to be someone's special lady, not just the horse with the special abilities. She is sound, clean, beautifully marked, flashy in appearance & in her movements, she is smooth, floaty, responsive to leg and hand aides, and adjusts wonderfully to the level and needs of her rider. She would be amazing as a personal horse for a child just starting in dressage, or for someone who is interested in learning dressage/flatwork at an older stage in their life where bumps and bouncing are not so much fun. She is a confidence builder either way. 

     UTD Coggins, Vaccines, de=wormer, teeth floated, microchipped, farrier (she is currently barefoot for the winter, but we had front shoes on over the summer when she was being worked). She is on a senior diet, with supplements & an excellent quality hay, as we dont want to lose her topline.  Adoption application, references, and contract required. 

     We may not know who she WAS, but we do know who she IS ... now we just need to discover who she will BE.


Tobiano Paint Mare

Liberty, NC


  • Breed Paint  
  • Name Carmel  
  • Sex Mare  
  • Foal Date Jan 1st 1998  
  • In Foal No  
  • Height (hh) 16.0  
  • Weight (lbs) 1000.0  
  • Color Tobiano  
  • Registry APHA  
  • Temperament 1 / 10  
  • Skills / Disciplines Beginner, Dressage, English Pleasure,  Equitation, Experienced, Finished, Lesson, Pony Club, Rescue, Show, Show  Experience, Show Winner, Youth  

Wally's Story...


Sorrel Quarter Pony Gelding

Liberty, NC


  • Breed Quarter Pony  
  • State Bred -  
  • Name WallaWalla BingBang  
  • Sex Gelding  
  • Foal Date -  
  • In Foal No  
  • Height (hh) 14.0  
  • Weight (lbs) 750.0  
  • Color Sorrel  
  • Markings Star, stripe  
  • Registry -  
  • Registry Number -  
  • Temperament 1 / 10   

Guardian Hearts Equine Defenders   

Skills / Disciplines All Around, Athletic, Beginner, Hunter,  Jumper, Jumping, Hunter Jumper, Kid Safe, Lesson, Pony Club, Rescue,  Show, Show Experience, Show Jumping, Youth   

Additional Comments

Wally was a killpen rescue, but is currently a courtesy listing. A rescue out of a killpen, he has a full Pre-purchase exam, xrays, and DNA tested HYPP N/N. Clean straight legs, good feet, sound and sane, he passed with flying colors. His one and only flaw is a tiny umbilical hernia that has been ultrasounded, while it could easily be surgically corrected, it isn't necessary. It measures approx. 2" and the bowel is well above the hernia, a solid 1/4", with no protrusion or incarceration of the intestines thru the hernia ring. Previously the hunter jumper show pony for a 10 year old girl (now in her teens). He rides English, and Western, and even neck reins. This is one fancy He comes UTD on coggins, vaccines, farrier, deworming, Microchip, etc. Adoption application and contract required. Adoption fee negotiable to the right home. 


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Rhoswen's Story...

   Her registered name is Honrosa for Honorable. Her barn name is Welsh for White Rose.  

     Found in a local killpen, posted, bailed, abandoned in quarantine, we bought her out of the quarantine where she had been left, to make certain that she never again had to worry about being safe. She has a beautifully scrolled brand on her off side hip. Obviously a long time broodmare, we've been told she has 4 registered foals, and there may be more that are unregistered. She still remembers how to ride, she has lovely movement, and has not forgotten her early training. Her only flaw  seems to be her suspicions nature that makes her hard to catch in a larger field. She is in remarkably good health, sound, and surprisingly her teeth appear to beonly in her mid teens.

     Rhoswen has been in foster care now for several months, she has recently been started back with a natural horsemanship trainer and is making wonderful progress (see videos below). She is willing to come up and be approached in the pasture, has done well both in ground work and under saddle. However, her progress has been such that my faith in her abilities was not unfounded, she just needed patience and her faith in humans restored with a light refresher to remind her how things go under saddle. 

     After nearly a year, we finally found a lead on her brand, and were fortunate to discover who this sweet girl really  is. Imported from Spain, she is a true blue P.R.E. certified, Pura Raza Española.

Liberty, NC


  • Breed  P.R.E.  
  • State Bred -  Spain
  • Name Rhoswen  
  • Sex Mare  
  • Foal Date - 03-04-1999 
  • In Foal No  
  • Height (hh) 15.0  
  • Weight (lbs) 1050.0  
  • Color Grey  
  • Markings -  
  • Registry - ANCCE  
  • Registry Number -  19010100220656
  • Temperament 2 / 10  

Skills / Disciplines All Around, Project, Rescue, Trail Riding, Western Riding, English Riding   

Additional Comments

Rhoswen - Tag#620 Rhoswen - Intermediate rider. Her name is Welsh for White Rose. Beautiful scrolled Brand. Big beautiful solid mare. Has been a broodmare for a while, needs a refresher, but rides smooth, with float & spring to her action. This girl could go any direction, wonderful project, trail, hunter, dressage prospect. Currently off-site and back in training, her price will reflect her progress. Adoption Application, References, and contract req'd.





Honroso X

 Rhoswen's Sire 


Honroso X Pedigree

Rhoswen's Sire

Dinaria's Story...


 Dinaria Registered 2012 Bay Arabian Mare,  English Pleasure/Country  Pleasure Prospect, All Around, 15hh,  Intermediate. Citationn x Just  Jazzed Up. No vices, load/trailers well, stands cross-tied, rides  English or Western, Pastures well and gets along with others, geldings,  mares, ponies, emus, rheas, donkeys, dogs, llamas, zebras, nothing seems  to phase her. Ponies off the Gator & atv. Pedigree loaded with  Bask++, BeyelBey easy to work with, nice ground manners,  beautiful mare  with big presence, graceful floaty action, sound, sane,  huge  potential, this mare will get you noticed.  While she could go in any  direction, she has training in English Pleasure/Country Pleasure. UTD  Coggins, Vaccines, Farrier, Deworming, Microchipped with Microchip ID  Equine & lifetime activatoin. Adoption application, references, and  contract required.  


  • Horse Name:  Dinaria 
  • Price:  $1650
  • Location: Liberty, NC
  • Breed:  Arabian 
  • Gender:  Mare 
  • Height:  15 Hands 
  • Color:  Bay 
  • Foal Date: May 2012
  • Markings:  None 
  • Weight:  950 lbs 
  • Registrations: 
    • Arabian Horse Association (657087)
  • Disciplines: 
    • Country Pleasure
    • English Pleasure
    • All Around
  • Temperament:  4 (1=Bombproof, 10=Hot) 









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Rocky Mtn Horse


  • The Rocky Mountain Horse is listed at "Watch" status by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy,  meaning that the estimated global population of the breed is fewer than  15,000, with fewer than 800 registrations annually in the US.

The Rocky Mountain Horse is a horse breed developed in the state of Kentucky in the United States. Despite its name, it originated not in the Rocky Mountains, but instead in the Appalachian Mountains. A foundation stallion,  brought from the western United States to eastern Kentucky around 1890,  began the Rocky Mountain type in the late 19th century. In the mid-20th  century, a stallion named Old Tobe,  owned by a prominent breeder, was used to develop the modern type;  today most Rocky Mountain Horses trace back to this stallion. In 1986,  the Rocky Mountain Horse Association was formed and by 2005 has  registered over 12,000 horses. 

  • The breed is known for its preferred  "chocolate" coat color and flaxen mane and tail, the result of the relatively rare silver dapple gene acting on a black coat, seen in much of the population. 
  • It also exhibits a four-beat ambling gait known as the "single-foot".
  • Originally developed as a multi-purpose riding, driving and light draft horse, today it is used mainly for trail riding and working cattle, as well as endurance riding and pleasure riding.[13] 
  • The breed's gait and disposition make it sought out by elderly and disabled riders. 

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