Defenders’ Hearts are our success stories. Horses who have already been adopted and are in wonderful, loving homes with their new families. Here you will find the heartwarming stories of their Homecomings, and the futures they so richly deserved. 

Levi (Formerly Kip)


Rumor (Formerly Cider)


River (Formerly Lolli)


Shiloh (Formerly Rhett)


Silver Bullet


Captain Cupcake (Fmrly PeeWee/Elfin)

PeeWee soaking up the rays.



 Pony, 16-17 yrs old, 11 hh, kid friendly and  safe, $300.00 This poor gentleman of a pony needs a home for Christmas.  Seven years ago this pony was rescued out of a killpen, loved by  children who he taught how to ride and have fun. Now he is back in the  same killpen he was once rescued out of. He is currently lame in his  rear right leg, we dont know why or if it can be treated, but he doesnt  deserve to spend Christmas without a family. Listing as a companion, but  could likely still ride the small ones around, and would do great with  leadline.  Most of all he needs a home where he will be taken care of and loved again.  Skills / Disciplines Beginner, Companion, Kid Safe, Longe Line, Rescue, Youth  



  Augustus**John Donkey, 4 yr old, $200.00 



Luna LoveGood (formerly Annie Oakley)




 Tag#4110(T) Registered Grey Arabian  Gelding, 15.3hh, estimated 12 yr old, $750.00. He lunges, has good  ground manners, stood tied, to groom, tack, mount. Good with other  horses, he is calm on the ground, while having the spirit and carriage  you expect from the breed. Advanced beginner/Intermediate rider, this  boy has the potential to go any way you want, he knows lungeline,  sidepass, W/T/C, Backs. With a little work he could excel in any  discipline, endurance, western, english, trail, hunter/jumper, even  dressage.  Beautiful mover & smooth ride. Registered, his papers are being sent from previous owner and should be available shortly.  

Stella (formerly Dolly)


 Halflinger Mare, 13.3hh, estimated 14-15  yrs old. She is a lovely, sweet, girl, but doesnt ride. She did let us  tack her up, tho she was extremely nervous about it & required a  great deal of reassurance. Selling as Companion or Project only. 


Stella has the unique position in our rescue of being our first donor bailed & sponsored Sanctuary horse (Thank you, Mitzi, for your wonderfully kind & caring heart!! These horses need more Champions like you!! Stella & Guardian Hearts are Blessed to have you on board!)

    Stella (formerly Dolly) was rescued from the killpen in Asheboro, NC. Her equinenow ad read "Dolly - Tag#4231(T) Haflinger Mare, 13.3hh,  estimated 14-15 yrs old. She is a lovely, sweet, girl, but doesnt ride.  She did let us tack her up, tho she was extremely nervous about it & required a great deal of reassurance. Selling as Companion or Project only." A big, beautiful Haffie mare, she was a good girl, but strong, a little pushy, mostly due to anxiety; and while she rode for our volunteer at the lot, it was obvious that she was rusty and needed a complete refresher. It also seemed likely that she had done at least some broodmare duty. With her apparent issues, I wondered how we would find her a home & someone willing to give her the time & work she needed.

               ... Enter Mitzi ... who saw Dolly's inner beauty, her potential, and her need. She renamed her Stella, which means "Star", and she is fast becoming exactly that ...

    After she was bailed and brought into the farm, her transformation was amazing. Looking at the before and after pics, she barely appears to be the same horse (trust us, she is!). Unlike so many that come in, her problems did not stem from lack of nutrition, or starvation, she was borderline obese, most likely due to the misconception that a big horse needs a lot of grain, or possibly simply a high carb sweetfeed. She is likely insulin resistant (possibly borderline or pre-Cushings), but changes in her diet, free movement, good hay, etc. has done her wonders. 

    We are working with our volunteer farrier (Thank you Rex) to correct her hooves ... long neglected, she has a ways to go. Stella is also the first of our horses to be part of the Hearts for Hooves Program (also thanks to Mitzi). Her sponsor comes regularly, grooms her, loves on her, spoils her with homemade horse treats, and Stella is blooming with the TLC and additional one-on-one care. She has made friends in the pasture (note the picture of her with bff Soldier). With continued care, we believe she can also be refreshed and become a limited riding horse under very light work. Haffie's have an amazing history, they are wonderful partners, versatile and typically have great dispositions. Stella is the perfect example of her breed, despite her past misfortune. She is safe now, and loved ... and we can't wait to  see what happens as Stella continues her road to recovery.

Alabaster Snowball


 Fewspot Appaloosa Mini Stallion, 5-6 yrs old, $350.00. 

Pepe MinStix


 Pepe MinStix**Sorrel&White Pinto Mini Stallion, 4 yrs old, $350.00 



 Noire (Tag#4242) is an adorable fluffy  Black Mini Mare. She is estimated to be 32" and 11-12 yrs old. She is  gentle and rides (she doesnt drive) and has been exposed to a stud tho  we dont know if she is bred. $385.00 



 Silver Dapple Mini Mare, estimated height 27-28", 2-3 yrs old, $600.00 



  Buckskin, Mini Mare, 7 yrs old, 30-31",  rides, may drive, $650.00  






 Velvet Black Pony Mare, 13.1hh, estimated 9  yrs old, This little girl is smooth as her name, she is kid friendly,  gentle, camp horse beginner broke, great ground manners.  





  Bay TWH Mare, Gaited, 15.1hh, est. 13-14  yrs old, Intermediate Rider. This mare has beautiful ground manners,  stood tied, to groom, tack, mount. She gaits naturally & has a calm  demeanor. She has likely been a trail horse in the past as she ground  ties, gets along with other horses, and has a generally calm demeanor.  She is quick, so miles under saddle with her special person would do her  a world of good.  

Dixie (aka SBQ Glamorous)


 SBQ Glamorous - Registered AQHA Palomino  Mare, 14hh, 9 yrs old, Advanced Beginner Rider. This striking, sweet,  versatile little mare would make a great youth horse. Good ground  manners, she stood to groom, to tack, to mount. She rode well english,  should also ride western. Perfect prospect for trail, 4H, etc. She gets  along in the herd, bottom of the totem pole. Registration papers  available, this little mare has nice lines, Sire - Impressive Review,  Impressive, ManOWar, Dam - Leo, Doc Bar, John Hancock. 

  This sweet, gentle girl came into the rescue, barely standing. Emaciated, sick with bastard strangles, most of her hair missing from rainscald, dehydrated, bullied by the other horses in the lot, covered in kick and bite marks. Thanks to Alison's bailing her, bringing her to the farm, and giving her immediate care, she has since made a full recovery. She rides English and western, and has the potential for any discipline. She is Registered and comes with her papers (See her Pedigree below).  She was adopted out, and had to be returned due to issues with boarding (not Dixie's). She has been treated for ulcers, had chiropractic adjustment, and is wonderfully healthy. Still looking for her forever home.. 

Palomino Quarter Horse Mare

Liberty, NC


  • Breed Quarter Horse  
  • State Bred - Kentucky 
  • Name SBQ Glamorous  
  • Sex Mare  
  • Foal Date Apr 12th 2009  
  • In Foal No  
  • Height (hh) 14.0  
  • Weight (lbs) 720.0  
  • Color Palomino  
  • Markings Blaze, Left fore sock, Rt fore pastern, Left hind  
  • Registry -  AQHA
  • Registry Number -  5187179
  • Temperament 2 / 10  
  • Ad Number 1239653  

      View Farm Directory Listing:  Guardian Hearts Equine Defenders Skills / Disciplines All Around, English Pleasure, Flaxen Mane, Longe Line, Pony Club, Rescue, Ridden Western, Trail Riding, Western Riding, Youth   

Additional Comments:

SBQ Glamorous - Registered AQHA  Palomino Mare, 14hh, 9 yrs old, Advanced Beginner Rider. This striking,  sweet, versatile little mare would make a great youth horse. Good ground  manners, she stood to groom, to tack, to mount, crossties, stands to bathe. She rode well English,  should also ride Western. Perfect prospect for trail, 4H, Jr Rodeo, Pony Club, etc. She gets  along in the herd, bottom of the totem pole. Will pony with the gold cart, isnt bothered by dogs, has been turned out with Llamas, sheep, assorted birds, emus, rheas, horses of all size.  












WunOrse OpenSlae (aka Smurf)


 White/Black Appaloosa mini gelding, 8 yrs  old. This little guy drives smooth as ice, may ride, and is a sweet,  flashy fellow. Also available is a cart & harness  for $500.00/set.  




Bay Appaloosa Gelding, est. 14.2-14.3hh,  12-13 yrs old, Beginner/Adv. Beg,  This boy  rides beautifully, low end advanced beginner, but with a few rides he  will a beginner level ride. Striking blanket, loud color and lovey rich  bay, his white is actually textured like burnout velvet. Dallas was  rescued from a local killpen, and is now in quarantine, so you can  choose to finish his qt with us and he'll come clean, ready to go, and  dewormed, with UTD Coggins; or take him home now, we encourage adopters  to qt at home as we believe its better for the horse to have one on one  and enhances the bonding process.   No known vices, buck, rear, kick or bite. Gets along well with other  horses in the herd. Adoption Fee $900.00 plus QT.  Adoption application,  references, and contract required. 

All Around, Flashy, Rescue, Ridden Western, Trail Riding

Drake (aka Dracomir)




 Shetland Pony, Grade, Mare. 9.2h, Kid  Friendly, broke to ride. Pumpkin was rescued from a local killpen, has  been in quarantine for over 30 days, so comes clean, ready to go, and  dewormed, with UTD Coggins. No known vices, buck, rear, kick or bite.  Gets along well with other horses in the herd. Adoption Fee $350.00.  Adoption application, references, and contract required.  


Grimm in training at Andrews Performance Horses


 Morgan Gelding, 7 yrs old, 14hh, Greenbroke, project, Advanced.  




Rescued from a local killpen, he has been  in qt 30 days, so comes clean, ready to go, and with UTD  Coggins.Clean-legged and sound. Adoption fee $650. Adoption application,  references, and contract required.        





  America came from the same auction in Lumberton, NC as Cancino & Tigger. Bay OTTB Mare  coggins says she is a coming 10 yr old, estimated 15.3-16hh, needs an Intermediate rider. She has a tattoo, but we  haven't identified her yet. She's a beautiful, big, athletic, mare, gorgeous mover, has huge  potential for flatwork, dressage, jumping. Sweet mare, personable, nice  manners, big engine, a whole lotta horse with good brakes, she is ready  to go any direction. She was a polo pony for a bit after coming off the  track, but still responsive and floaty. Comes clean, on tight, sound  legs, sane minded.   No vices as far as we have found, no buck, bite, kick, rear. Gets along  in the pasture with other horses, upper middle of the herd. Has UTD  coggins & vaccines, de-wormed. Adoption fee includes her QT. Adoption  contract required.   



  Dominick**Black John Donkey, 3-7 yrs old,  Standard 45-48", halter broke, $200.00. This adorable little guy is  gelded, halterbroke and will lead, is usually sweet & gentle but  hasnt been handled much so has stubborn moments. He should ride with a  little work. Who can pass up that face or the chance to take home the  Italian Christmas Donkey jiggity jig. 




Jasmine ... Chestnut, QH, Mare,  14h, Advanced Beginner. Sweet, calm, level-headed, willing &   gentle. Awesome project to finish any way you want, trail, 4H, JR Rodeo,  Hunter/Jumper. Rides English or Western. She did W/T/C, has good ground  manners, ties, bathes, stands to groom, tack & mount. Easy to  catch. Neck reins. No vices, no buck, rear, kick, bite. Clean-legged and  sound. This mare was rescued from a local killpen, has been in qt  almost 30 days, so comes out clean, ready to go, and with UTD Coggins.  
Youtube Video:   Watch Youtube Video  

Kitten (Formerly Molasses Cringles aka Little Bit)


 Chestnut Mini Mare, 6 years old, may be  bred to spotted Jack donkey. $550.00 This adorable little mare was a  great ride for kids a few years ago, but has had a 2-3 year break. Her  real name is Little Bit, but we took the liberty of giving her a  Christmas knickname as part of our 12 Minis of Christmas Blow out.  

**Kitten is now a certified therapy horse.**



 Motley ... Black & White Tobiano TWH  Gelding, 15h, Gaited, Advanced Beginner. This boy is SHARP!! Good ground  manners, ties, bathes, stood to be groomed, tacked, and mount. W/T/C  and gaits, This guy is perfect for riding trails whether your friends  are gaited or QH. Has a lot of Go, but respects Whoa and is controlled.  No buck, rear, kick or bite. Motley was rescued from a local killpen,  has been in qt almost 30 days, so comes clean, ready to go, and with UTD  Coggins.   He still needs a bit of weight and some conditioning. Clean-legged and  sound. Adoption application, references, and contract required.  YouTube  video:    Watch Youtube Video 

Himmel (formerly BlackJack)




Nehi (Formerly SugarPlum Mary)


 Black Mini Mare, Rides, $550.00. This pretty little mare is striking with her silver frost tail and rear black socks.  

**Nehi is now a certified therapy horse**



  Blue Roan Pinto Mare, 13.2hh, 4-5 yr old.  Beginner level, kid friendly. This little pony is adorable, flashy, and  kid friendly. She would make an awesome little show pony. She has nice  movement, and would be a good all-around prospect for any disclipline,  4H, Jr Rodeo, trail.Clean, sound legs, and a sweet disposition, she is  easy to handle on the ground, though we havent got her riding video yet,  we have one in hand. 

Apache (formerly Badger)


Chicken Nugget


 Tag#8, Chestnut Overo Paint Mini, Gelding, 37", 6 yrs old, rides and drives, $400
Youtube Video:   Watch Youtube Video 



 Leopard Appaloosa Mare, 15hh, 16 yrs old, Trail , ground ties, lazy, gentle, adv beg/Interm, needs miles, possibly in foal. 

Harp & Guinness


 Harp (Tag#4209) & Guinness (Tag#4210)  Black Mini Mare 10 yrs old & 6 month old Dun stud colt. Mare is  gentle, rides, may drive, and is bred back to the same stallion who  sired Guinness. 



Moonlight (formerly Truman)


















 Cricket Tag#315(V) Liver Chestnut QH Mare, 14.2hh. Good ground manners, stood to groom, tack, and mount. Rode well, needs Intermediate Rider. She has all the right moves, just needs miles and some patient understanding. We couldn't get an age on her bc she was very shy & nervous about having her mouth handled, tho she took the bit well as we tacked her up. May need her teeth floated. 



 Bay Roan POA (Pony of the Americas)  Mare, estimated 13.2hh. This  pretty little mare is gentle and sweet as they come, she is kids safe,  well broke, and has been a camp horse. It doesn't get any better than  this, pretty, bold color, & well trained. We don't have an age on her  yet, but we have teeth pics for you to estimate. Clean, sound legs, she  is still a little thin, she is making a good recovery, is clean thru  quarantine and only needs a Coggins and vaccines.  She is getting lots of TLC and groceries, but needs her own special child to love.   

Tom Duelly




  Bay BLM Mustang Mare, Freeze branded no title, $800.00.  We haven't researched her brand or aged her, tho we have teeth pics for you to use. I'd guess by galvayne's groove alone that she is early-mid teens, but that is a rough guesstimate only. This sweet guy is a wonderful all around horse, ridden english, western, bareback in a halter, no nonsense, sane & sound. She isn't bothered by cars, golf carts, dogs, geese, sheep, llamas, emus, etc. We put our resident pony whisperer on her and let her climb all over her, ride her up and down the farm, and she has been smooth, gentle & calm. Tested kid friendly, no buck, rear, bite, kick, we haven't found a vice. Gets along in the herd no matter where we put her. Rides sound, clean legs, stocky classic mustang build. Her feet, like so many that come out of the killpens & feedlots need work, but we have started corrections with our volunteer farrier (Thank you Rex). 

Kelty formerly Vesta


 Chestnut Grade QH Mare, early teens, est.  14.2hh, Beginner, $650.00. We don't know much about this mare yet, we  found her one evening when we picked up at the lot, shivering in a cold  rain and were lucky enough to bring her in with the other horse we went  to pick up. She is doing better, gaining weight (every time we look at  that belly, we wonder if she MAY be in foal). We haven't done more than a  cursory evaluation. So far she is sweet, personable, and willing to  meet you and be handled, but we haven't attempted to ride her.  Her teeth say she is early teens.  

Taavi (Formerly Sage)


 BLM Freezebranded Red Roan Mustang Mare,  14.3hh, 5-6 yr old, $1250. This flashy girl with the blonder than Barbie  mane & tail, came out of the killpen in Asheboro, NC from an  auction in TN. And she may toss that blond hair, but there is a good  brain beneath it. She doesnt have a title, but she has the freezebrand.  Vet checked her teeth to verify 5-6 years of age, and tho she could use a  few extra pounds, she is in good shape otherwise. She is gentle, well  mannered, leads well, good in the herd tho upper level with the two  geldings she is currently pastured with.   She stood in crossties, was well behaved for the farrier to trim, she's  barefoot with no issues. She seems to have some groundwork training,  but we aren't sure if she is saddlebroke or not yet. Sweet &  willing, she's sound and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. 

Uncle Drosselmeyer

Uncle with his new buddy...finally home.

 *Percheron Cross Gelding, 15hh, mid teens.  This big stout fellow rides advanced beginner & drives better than  he rides. Dropped off locally at the Asheboro NC Killpen with Emmett,  they were a team. Supposedly they had some time off, about 2 years or  so, but he is a well seasoned horse and fell right back into the groove.  A gentle giant, he is a strong guy, and while he rides easy & well  at walk/trot/canter, has a sweet little trot & canter, but he turns  slow and needs someone who can give him direction & cues.   This is a guy would happily follow along in a group on trails, and walk  all day. Or harness up & hitch to a wagon with a team and roll  along with good will. We haven't tried to drive him as we don't have the  equipment. Sound & sane, no vices that we have seen, no kick, bite,  rear, bolt, or buck. He's been in with all sorts of horses, ducks,  geese, sheep, dogs. Still owned by the killpen, we have fostered him in  quarantine over 30 days now, so he comes clean, ready to go, and  de-wormed. We're told he doesn't have a Coggins, and he still needs his  vaccines, adoptive owner can make arrangements to have him vetted prior  to taking him home.  


 Bay Thoroughbred Cross Sporthorse, Gelding,  16+hands, 10 yrs old, $1000.00. Big, bold & beautiful. We have no  idea of his history as he was rescued out of the killpen in Asheboro NC  as a stallionback in the end of August 2018. Gelded 9-1-2018, he is  clean thru quarantine, UTD on his vaccines etc with a clean Coggins,  this boy is ready to go. We've started him with some natural  horsemanship training, and he is learning being stalled, about the barn,  leading, etc.   He is pasture sour at times, and has moments of anxiety once he leaves  whatever pasture he is coming out of, but he is willing, tries hard to  please, and truly does well with some reassurance. He has a lot to learn  and a long way to go, but will make a wonderful sporthorse and more,  dressage/jumping/eventing/trail the sky should be the limit for someone  willing to put the time and effort into his training. 



 This adorable little black jack is ready to be weaned & head to a family of his own. He has the longest legs imaginable, already nearly as tall as his Momma, he is going to be a beautiful boy. And if his ears end up matching his Momma's his looks will be pricelss.  Price $150.00 



 Mini Spotted Jack donkey, coming 4 year old, 34-35", $350. 

Pixie (Formerly Lily/Hannah)


 Bay Thoroughbred Mare,15.3hh, 12 yrs old,  Adv. Beginner, $2000.00. Rescued several months ago out of a killpen in  Pennsylvania, she is clean, healthy and ready for her special someone.  We dont know what her history is, but we do know she has quite a story  to tell if she could tell it. She may come in a plain brown wrapper, but  this beautiful & versatile mare has it all, she definitely has  training in flatwork and likely over low jumps, she does walk, trot,  canter, transitions, etc, she has the potential to go any way you would  like to finish her.  On sound, tight legs, with a sensible calm mind, she is the kind of horse you can do anything with. 



 Standard Donk Mare, 40-46", 3-8  Yrs, Halterbroke, $250. Sweet, Adorable Jennies these little gals need  homes. May be in foal, as they came into the killpen from an auction  together with SweetPotato (see his listing)  

Named after DeeDee Sharp 1945-



 APHA Black&White Mare, 14.2h, 11 yrs  old, $500 (negotiable to the right home). Gorgeous lawn ornament, this  sweet, little mare was rescued out of a local killpen, sadly with badly  foundered front feet. We dont know what happened, as we have no history  on her, but she seems to be stable, and her feet have been worked on to  start corrections. She is in need of a loving home, TLC, and would be  perfect as a companion. 



 Standard Donk Mare, 40-46", 3-8  Yrs, Halterbroke, $250. Sweet, Adorable Jennies these little gals need  homes. May be in foal, as they came into the killpen from an auction  together with SweetPotato (see his listing) 


Named After Dusty Springfield 1939-1999



 LuLu#4**Standard Donk Mare, 40-46", 3-8  Yrs, Halterbroke, $250. Sweet, Adorable Jennies these little gals need  homes. May be in foal, as they came into the killpen from an auction  together with SweetPotato (see his listing)


 Named after LuLu 1948-


 Palomino Gelding (Grade QH Type), 14.3hh,  estimated early teens, $500. Super sweet gelding is blind in both eyes,  rescued out of a killpen in NC. He rides beautifully, altho we did only  lead him, he accepted the tack and rider willingly, walked off fine,  & did a super job!! He is certainly rideable enough for leadline for  grandkids, and with a bond of trust I imagine you could ride him around  the pasture and maybe more.  



 Chocolate Rocky Mountain, coming 3 yr old,  13.2hh, Halter broke Project, $550. Gorgeous filly needs an experienced  home, coming 3 year old she is ready to start under saddle. As versatile  as any other Rocky Mountain, she will be well worth the effort to train  & finish any direction you want to go. Rescued from a local NC  killpen, she is thru quarantine, clean, with UTD Coggins, de-wormed and  vaccines. When she got here, she could barely be handled.   She is halter broke, and getting used to being handled now. We've  started her with some natural horsemanship training, and she is learning  being stalled, about the barn, leading, etc. She has a lot to learn and  a long way to go, but will make a wonderful trail horse and more, for  someone willing to put the time and effort into her training. 



 Black Morgan Mare, 14hh(should our email  address), $550.00. Beautiful mare needs an experienced home, rescued  from a local killpen, she is thru quarantine, clean, with UTD Coggins,  dewormed and vaccines. When she got here, she could barely be handled.  She is halter broke, and getting used to being handled now. We've  started her with some natural horsemanship training, and she is learning  being stalled, about the barn, leading, etc. She has a lot to learn and  a long way to go, but will make a wonderful trail horse and more, for  someone willing to put the time and effort into her training.







 Tri-color Pinto TWH Gelding, 15.3hh,  Adv.Beginner, $1250.00. This stout, gorgeous boy is smoooooth!! Walk,  trot, canter, and gait, he is a trail rider's dream, mosey along the  trail with your QH friends or ease on down the road with your gaited  buddies. It's not often we see a Walker come in who will go either way.  Sweet and gentle, good ground manners, and he's purty to boot!! He is  sound & sane. This is one to snatch up quick! He'll need 30 days  quarantine, do it at home if possible, or we can help you make  arrangements for a facility.   



 Appaloosa Pony Mare, said to be in foal, 45", Rides, $400 

Bushy Evergreen



  • Palomino Mini Gelding, 
  • 11  yrs old
  • Rides & Drives
  • Price $500. 
  • This golden guy with the  roached mane is adorable, kid friendly, said to ride great. One of the bigger minis, stout & stocky, he borders on Shetland pony size. 
  • (We don't think he has Cushing's, just a thick fuzzy winter coat) 

Shinny UpATree


 Bay Mini Gelding, 8 yrs old, Rides, May Drive, $450.00 

Bay BLM Mustang


 Bay BLM Mustang Gelding, 14hh, 8-10 yrs old, Adv Beg, $550. Freeze branded no title 



 Flashy Bay Quarter Pony, tons of Chrome,  Roper, Jr Rodeo, 13.2hh, $1250.00. This gorgeous little guy supposedly  has a bunch of training as a fancy show pony, but an issue with bucking  unexpectedly. He came directly out of the killpen in Asheboro, NC and we  brought him in as a foster to try to buy  him some time. We have a  trainer coming to work with him, but we also decided to post him up as  available if someone wanted to tackle his issue themselves.  As he is trained, his price will reflect.
**UPDATE**After some hours in the arena, it turns out that Bammer is a  nifty little Jr Rodeo Pony, he ropes beautifully, will pull, drag, and  understands rope tension,  we haven't tried poles or barrels with him,  but no doubt he has done some of that also. He's good with the littlest  ones for leadline, moves right out with the bigger kids. We don't know  why they said he had a problem, he hasn't done anything wrong or put a  foot out of place (much less a buck) since we started working him.  Walk/trot/canter, nice responses, good handle. Clean sound legs, sane  head, Bammer is lower end of the herd he is with (mixed mares/geldings,  with both full size horses and several ponies), he's been pastured with  llamas, sheep, geese, swans, ducks, isnt bothered by dogs, ponies behind  the golf cart, all round good fellow so far. Sometimes I just think  "the stories they could tell" bc I am certain Bammer has a lollapalooza  of a tale!! Check out his videos & see what he can do... 




Named after Kitty Wells 1919-2012

  • Kitty Wells - It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels, Makin' Believe, Searching (For Someone Like You), Heartbreak U.S.A.
  •  American pioneering female country music singer &  first female country superstar 
  • Stage name was chosen after a folk song called "Sweet Kitty Wells" 
  • Johnnie Wright and the Harmony Girls,   Johnnie & Jack, The Deacon Sisters, Duet  Red Foley 
  •  Johnny and Kitty made appearances in the early years on radio stations in Raleigh, North Carolina (WPTF) 
  •  She was the first female country singer to release an LP of her own. 1956 LP album, Country Hit Parade 
  • First solo female country artist to have a number 1 record on the charts,   "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  • First female country artist to sell one million records
  • First woman to headline a major tour
  • First woman to headline a syndicated television variety show
  • Voted top country female artist for 14 consecutive years
  • Holds record for single at number 2 on the charts with "Makin' Believe" for 15 weeks
  •  Also known as the "The Queen of Country Music" &  "The Clock Stopper" 
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitty_Wells

Marigold & Chrysanthemum (Formerly Eva & ZsaZsa)


 Eva & ZsaZsa**Seasoned Haflinger Mare team
Courtesy Listing ... Seasoned Team of Amish trained Haflinger mares, can  pull all equipment, most recently were pulling a produce wagon. These  beautiful gentle, well trained mares are the perfect beginner team for  wagon trains, working farms, parade wagons, or just to grace your  pasture.       



  Standard Jenny Donkey, 40-46", grey dun, halter broke, young, rehoming fee $400.  

Jack Sprat

 Jack Sprat Tag#360(V) Chestnut QH Gelding, 15hh, estimated age 11 years old, Beginner, $675.00. This boy is sweet, and savvy. He stood tied, to groom, tack, mount, and rode very well. He needs TLC and lots of groceries. He wasnt bothered by other horses, dogs, cats, etc. He's been ponied with golf carts, he falls mid bottom of the herd and has been pastured with mares, geldings, minis, ducks, geese, swans, rheas, emus, sheep and llamas without issue. We expect he has trail experience. He knows the routine of grazing loose around camp without wandering off, too. We've ridden him Western, English, and I listd him as a project bc I believe he could turn to almost anything you choose from playday, 4H, Pony club, Jr Rodeo, jumping, etc. He may not know how, but he could certainly learn and I believe will learn quickly. We've had absolute beginners on him, from 11 yr olds who have never been on a horse and find themselves able to do walk/trot/canter on him in the arena, to husbands who have only been on one trail ride, and just want to mosey along at the walk. We havent hacked him out on a trail, but he should do fine, he is just that sort of horse. He may be the "plain package" but he is the epitome of "never judge a book by its cover".  



Flashys Fancy Zip


 SAFE!! Thanks to a generous donor out of  CO, this boy is headed home with a lady who was fundraising him. Thank  you all so much for giving this boy a second chance and a much deserved  retirement in safety!!
Flashy's Fancy Zip**Registered AQHA Chestnut Stud with Chrome, 23  yrs,$500. !!URGENT Courtesy Listing!! This good old boy is in a killpen  in Asheboro NC, and is due to ship next week if not bailed.  They are  supposed to get us a pic of him.   He is out of Two Rocks/Voo Doo Rocket Mare by Flashy Zipper (AQHA  Leading Sire of Performance Horses, Superior Western Pleasure). 



 Paisley**Chestnut Tobiano Mini Mare 30-32", 5-8 yrs old, $575.00 



 Jamboree*Black&White Paint mini Mare, Rides/Drives, 30", 8-12 yrs, $650 

Imogene Cocoa


 Imogene Cocoa*Paint mini mare, 14-15 yrs  old, 33", rides and drives, $150.00. This sweet little girl is one of  those rarities, she is kid friendly, kid safe, babysitter type, you can  do anything with her, from her head to her toes (the gentleman in the  picture is picking up her hind feet). She needs some weight and some  TLC, and she is blind (near side eye) but that doesnt seem to affect  anything, she doesnt shy or spook. This is the kind of pony every child  needs to start on. Named after the Vaudeville & Television satirical comedienne who starred with Sid Caeser, Imogene Coca, 1908-2001, also famous for having a glass lens in one eye after having been blinded in an automobile accident.

Myrna Adele


 Myrna Adele*Black mini mare, 14 yrs old, 32", $250. Rides/Drives, Kid friendly, kid safe. Named for American Actress Myrna Loy 1905-1993

Foxey & Buffalo




Tansy in QT...GH's newest donor rescue waiting approval for her new adopter. Thank you JAG!!

Haflinger Mare, 14hh, 5-8 yrs old, Greenbroke to ride and drive, Project, $750.00 

  Bailed from the killpen and donated to the rescue, Thank you JAG, Tansy is almost clean thru quarantine, her feet have been trimmed, she has been dewormed, been ridden for evaluation, and has an UTD Coggins. This sweet girl is still green and needs miles (she will need someone experienced to get her going under saddle) but it's patience & polish she needs and  wont be hard.

Chestnut Haflinger Mare

Liberty, NC

Skills / Disciplines Draft, Driving, Flaxen Mane, Project, Rescue, Trail Riding   

Additional Comments

Tansy**Haflinger Mare, 14hh, 5-8 yrs old, Greenbroke to ride and drive. Adoption Application (See Forms under our Services tab) and Contract required. 




  Mini Jenny, 4 yr old, 34-35", may be in foal, $550.00  



 Tilly is strikingly marked, and will need some patience being handled as she hasnt had much attention. She could go out on her own if someone wanted. Not bred, she is open to new life choices, and a family to love her,  whether on her own or with young Nestor at her side. If she goes solo her Price is $300.00 



 Hector**Bay Hackney gelding, gaited, Drives, Rides, beginner, 12-14 yrs old, 13.3hh, $875 


 Mambo*Titled, Freezebranded BLM Mustang,  Bay, Gelding, 15hh, $1500, Green broke-in training, Advanced  Rider/Experienced Handler required. This gorgeous, flashy gelding is a  rescue we bailed from a killpen in TN. We don't know how they got their  information or riding video, but he is a bit less the calm gentle trail  prospect that he was touted to be (it happens, we are still glad we got  him). He has all the majestic beauty & regal bearing one loves and  admires in these national treasures, and he has a good brain, is sound,  and will be able to go any direction, he just needs experience,  patience, and to gain trust, to be finished any way you want.   We have him in training, with natural horsemanship, and his price will  reflect his progress as that continues. He trailers well, gets along  with in the pasture (mixed herd, mares, geldings, and llamas), leads,  tacks up English or Western, lunges, and he will ride walk/trot once he  is worked through to a certain point. He needs continued  desensitization, groundwork, and time under saddle. This is one horse  that will be worth the time and effort. For those interested, his  Freezemark # is 10612923, his signalment Key # is HG1AAEEJB 



SunCrisp*Buckskin Mini Mare, 38", aged, $250.00  



 Jimmy is one HUGE guy ... at 18.2+hh, his head alone simply dwarfs you, but he is a gentle giant. He is strong (and doesn't always know his own strength) so he can be a bit pushy at times. He has the most adorable and amazing tiny mustache (see pic) it just makes you have to smile!! He was ridden around bareback and he rides confident advanced beginner, and needs a strong hand, but we couldn't do a full riding evaluation bc we simply don't have the tack to fit him. He came right over to the gate to see me, and definitely enjoyed having his chin and some other prime spots scratched, so I have a feeling he will be one to spoil with scratches and grooming (his size makes that a full time job LoL). Amish trained to drive also, tho we have neither the equipment or the skills to put that to the test. He is supposed to be early to mid teens. This boy doesn't have a coggins. But he seems healthy and while he is a little thin, is still in reasonably good weight . He definitely needs off the killpen lot asap tho, as these big guys never do well there.   Jimmy*Belgium Gelding, 12 yrs old, rides/drives, 18.2h, $2000 

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