Her Story...

Tag#264 ... An auction in Lumberton, NC ...  A seller who regularly brings polo ponies and TBs to the auction there ... A live feed auction group goes thru filming horse after horse, they stop here, pause there. (See her first picture in the lineup.) A big, striking Chestnut OTTB mare, ex polo pony, egg bar shoes, moves stiff and as tho she is slightly lame. She enters the ring, the auctioneer begins his cattle rattle  "One dollar bid, now two, now two, will ya' give me two?  Two dollar bid, now three, now three, will ya' give me three?" Until the hammer falls on   "Going once, going twice, sold!" And the highest bidder is a killpen owner. Over  the next few days, a group of horse rescuers try to locate her, having won the bid on one of them, not realizing that almost as soon as she arrived at the lot she was bailed by Guardian Hearts' own Alison, picked up and brought safe to the farm that same day along with 2 other OTTB polo pony mares from that same auction, who had the misfortune to find themselves in this particular killpen. The final and fifth mare in the group went to a different killbuyer, only to turn up on a fb group who networks to rehome the horses before shipment. 

     Roughly 6 weeks later, and Cancino, Tiger, and America are clean thru QT. Weeks of good feed, good forage, and loving care have put weight back on them. They have been vetted, evaluated, ridden, and are ready to start meeting their prospective adoptive partners, new families, and find their forever homes.  

     Cancino has been evaluated by our farrier, her eggbar shoes pulled, and is now barefoot and while still a bit tender, sound. Our vet has evaluated & x-rayed her front feet & legs. Her feet are fine, no signs of navicular, founder, etc. The bump on her off front ankle is likely from a mallet blow, its soft tissue/scar tissue only, no involvement with the bones, sesamoids, or cartilage. 

     She has nice ground manners, but is a big, well built girl, 15.3+/-hh. She is only 8 years old, with a lifetime ahead of her. She rides well at walk, trot, & canter, is a bit lazy but knows the cues, needs an intermediate rider. She did great in the arena, should do well with flat work, and has potential to go almost any way you want to finish her. Adoption contract required.



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